In italiano, per favore isn't only a domain name, but really something more. It's a mark, just like a D.O.C., that guarantees new products connected with Montalcino and its land. Behind there is an accurate project, worked out by a professional equipe, from Tuscany, specialized in communications and computers technology, but moved by a great respect and love for " their own" country. In a next future will individualise his first fruits, this web site and a book, a pocket-guide about the place. Two important instruments to appreciate Montalcino and his hill, seating at home or walking around the village. But it takes time to do good things: so we don't want to get involved in the frenzy and mania which is around Internet today: the Web is the future, so it can wait a little more. You know how long they work to prepare a good Brunello wine: it's four years in a butt and a life of experience. We need just a few months more to not fail the spirit of Tuscany country; we'll be here soon, we hope in the next vintage time. In the meantime we'll enjoy every remarks, suggestions or request for informations. We'll answer to everyone.

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